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The reading levels indicated under each book are for children reading to themselves. However, all the books are suitable for guided reading for ages 0 to 12 years old. All of my children’s books are available in English and Haitian Creole through my publisher, Educavision. To purchase, please find the title at http://www.educavision.com

Adult Novel

In 1925 during the U.S. occupation of Haiti, Colvin Donner, a U.S. Marine tracker, sent to capture the elusive rebel hero, Chango Champagne, stumbled upon the secret of the rebel movement–a secretive group of female warriors. Donner catches and hangs the rebel, but not before Champagne calls on his ancestral warriors, cursing the rope–forever tying the American’s ugly actions to the survival of future generations in the United States and in Haiti.

k-5th grade

In Keeper of the Sky, The empress of Kiskeya is tricked by an intelligent boy on a quest for his king. He steals the beauty of Kiskeya which becomes bland like the old Epanya. How does the empress ever restore justice?

3rd to 5th grade

Brigitte is smart and out-spoken, but, Dr. Faithful, her island’s dictator will stop at nothing to silence her.  Come along a daring escape in Daughter of the House.

What makes a person beautiful? Nature has the answer for every
little girl who has ever wondered why she is different, and how to understand that difference.
k-5th graders

Natalie loves Dinosaurs. She loves to hear stories about them, but she has never seen a picture of one. She is blind. But, after her bandages are removed, see what wonderful secrets she discovers about where the dinosaurs sleep. 3-5th grade

Go on an adventure about friendship and giving with Tanga, a magical fish, and Sibelle whose family’s rice growing farm is on the brink of being taken, how will Tanga help her? Will she remain a friend to him if he can’t help her?

3rd-5th grade

Come along Brigitte’s tumultuous voyage to America. This tale about freedom, perceptions of the United States, and opportunity, will make you smile.

3rd-5th grade

Strange things are happening in Noun—people continue to disappear. While some people suspect that a dark knight, who is madly in love with the princess, is behind the disappearances, no one knows for sure. Princess Nubia, like Rapunzel, has a reason for hiding in a tower.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Come along as Farmer Joe investigates and solves this age-old question in a hilarious way.

1st-5th grade

Wowo is almost 4 years old and he doesn’t walk. What is wrong with him? Everyone in town has an opinion or a solution. Come along to see how he earns the name Tikouri—little runner.

Fictional story based on John 6:9 “Here is a boy with five small barley loves
and two small fish, but how far will they go
among so many?”

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